Funding the work of St John the Baptist, Clarendon Park.

You might not realise that this church receives no funding from the government or the Church of England.

All of our income comes from donations, events and the hire of the parish centre.

Funding Word Cloud

Everything the church does depends on the giving by church members. The money you give is so important. And unfortunately, the church needs more of it to develop our work with children and families.

Any amount you donate achieves so much more if it is given regularly and eligible for Gift Aid.

We could claim back an extra £2,000 a year via Gift Aid if every taxpayer who put money in the collection plate gave the same amount by standing order. You’d never need to fumble for change again, never miss the plate, and always know your money was going as far as it possibly could.

Have you considered a standing order? Planned, tax-efficient giving like this helps to secure the future of the church and everything it does – its work in the community, its strong relationship with the school, the spiritual support it gives us all.

Take a minute to fill in the forms below and leave them in the box at the back of the church. Please accept our deepest thanks for the support you give to your church.


Creator God, the giver of life and all good gifts,
thank you for your grace so freely given.
Help us to remember that everything
we have comes from you.
As we reflect upon your generous love,
may we respond in the giving of our money,
time and talents.
Help us to share what we have with others,
so they too may recognise and receive your love.