Prayer and Worship

Join us at one of our regular times of prayer and worship.

Morning Devotions

It’s a great opportunity to connect with God, gather for worship and prayer right after school drop off at 9am on Wednesday and Thursday for around 30 mins.

‘…They all joined together constantly in prayer…’

Acts 1:14

Contemplative prayer

This small group meets on the last Thursday of the month from 2pm to 3pm. It is a quiet hour but not one of total silence. We concentrate on a passage of Scripture and this becomes our prayer.

Morning Prayer

Common worship, monthly at 10am on Thursday after the second Sunday.

Adult worship jam

This is for anyone who loves to worship God, or wants to explore this. Anyone who has shown an interest in singing or playing as part of a band that leads worship on Sunday.

Youth worship jam

If you want to know about worshiping God, who He is and how the Holy Spirit moves in you, come along! Come with open hearts and a curious mind. Bring the instruments and voices. Be expectant! As God will meet with you and bless you!