2 thoughts on “Responses on Resourcing Church and Buildings

  1. Fortunately this is a ludicrous fantasy that has no chance of getting approval. However, the fact that you have the gall to float this proposal publicly is a disgraceful attempt to further destabilise an already fragile school supply position. Should you attempt to take it further will, I hope you realise, be fiercely opposed every step of the way.

    1. Dear Mr Williams,

      Thank you very much for your email and your feedback. I am assuming your comments are specifically about our short reference to the potential development of St John’s Primary School. Obviously we are presenting proposals for the church buildings, and not the school specifically. Our reference was merely to cast a vision forwards where there could be a different school environment. Clearly you have strong views about the school’s impact on Clarendon Park Road. However, at this stage we are only looking at our own land and changes therein.

      Again thank you for emailing

      Yours sincerely

      The St John’s Team

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